Sell an "experience" and increase Your Profits.

ON THE LANES Special Events in bowling centers are more important today than ever before because they produce greater profits and make a lasting connection with your local community. Just imagine the unique visual of Bands ON THE LANES with bowling all around or a VIP introduction ON THE LANES with a red carpet grand entrance at your next Fundraiser. How about a wedding and/or wedding reception? Thanks to the Profit Platform ® and your ingenuity, the opportunity to increase your profits and your community connections just expanded exponentially.

So maximize the ROI of your center's square footage, take your F&B profits through the roof, start a social media buzz about your Bowl as the Place-to-Be and charge nightclub rates for your premium lanes that surround your ON THE LANES events.

It's easy to get started. Just call or email us with your profitable vision and we will help you make it a reality by guiding you to the right size platform, introducing you to the best Profit Platform ® users and offering a connection for you to bowling industry marketing professionals that help you execute and profit better than ever.

Happy Profiting!

Profit Platform Team

Simple two component design links together
down the lane and 2 x 4's bridge across lanes
to link up assemblies. Just add a plywood floor.
Make your platform and profits as large as you want.

Lumber and Plywood not included.



Manufactured with recycled plastics
to help our environment.


Proudly Made In The USA